This tutorial will teach you how to create an Azure Machine Learning Workspace on the Azure Portal.

Create the Workspace

To create the workspace, you can simply go to the Azure portal, click “New Resource”, and then search for “Machine Learning”. When you find the resource, select it and hit “Create”.



You’ll be presented with a form to fill out. If you’re new to Azure Portal, I suggest you:

  • Select your default subscription
  • Create a new resource group, naming it whatever you want
  • Name the workspace whatever you want
  • Leave the default values for everything else

Next, you’ll follow the prompts for reviewing and creating your resource. It’ll take a few minutes for it to provision. Now’s a nice time to go make a coffee. ☕


Download config.json Workspace Configuration File

Once your Azure Machine Learning resource is provisioned, you’ll need to download its config.json file from the portal to authenticate your computer with your Azure ML Workspace.

From Azure’s Docs:

The workspace configuration file is a JSON file that tells the SDK how to communicate with your Azure Machine Learning workspace. The file is named config.json, and it has the following format:

    "subscription_id": "<subscription-id>",
    "resource_group": "<resource-group>",
    "workspace_name": "<workspace-name>"

To get your workspace’s config, go to the Azure Portal and click “Download config.json” from the overview section of your machine learning workspace you created in the previous step.


Note - We’ll be using this file in the following tutorials, so keep track of this file!